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Jesus once asked His disciples two telling questions, 'Who do the people say I am?' and after a flurry of incorrect views, asked them, 'But who do you  say I am?'

Peter's answer to that poignant question is the basis for this preaching series - that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. (Matthew 16: 15-17).

In the build up to Easter, we want to get it clear in our minds that Jesus is so much more than a great healer, teacher or prophet - that He is God Himself, and as much as we can claim to believe this, we can functionally relegate Him to a smaller position in our lives.

Jesus Messiah Files

Holding Firm

  • 03 April 2016 - Part 5

Resurrection Promises

  • 27 March 2016 - Part 4 (Easter Sunday)

Bridges the Divide

  • 25 March 2016 - Part 3 (Good Friday)

Will You Follow Jesus?

  • 20 March 2016 - Part 2

Who Is Jesus?

  • 13 March 2016 - Part 1

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